Business Process Outsourcing: Accounting & Payroll

More businesses and non-profit organizations are outsourcing their back office accounting and payroll functions in order to focus on increasing profitability, growing their market penetration, better allocation of resources, improving processes and gaining access to higher level strategic services.

Why are more companies and non-profit organizations outsourcing their back office accounting and payroll functions?

  • Focus on sales, profitability, and business development
  • Back office is a cost center and requires expertise to be effective
  • Improves processes and reduces costs
  • Reduce the likelihood of fraud with better internal controls, visibility, and asset protection
  • No longer have to hire, train, and maintain accounting/payroll staff

How can outsourcing work for my business or non-profit organization?

  • Utilizes the latest in reliable, secure technology
  • Produce financial statements faster
  • Real-time collaboration with accounting and payroll professionals
  • Mobility and accessibility to financial data 24/7/365

What can WebsterRogers do for my business or non-profit organization?

  • Dedicated and responsive team of professionals work with you to:
  • Automate and integrate your back office operations
  • Offer flexible and affordable industry leading technology solutions
  • Add upgrades and enhancements as new technology becomes available

Helpful Resources:

Service Group Leader

Wesley A. Way, CPA
Firmwide Director of Business Advisory Services Group