We Are Committed to the Growth and Development of the Team

WebsterRogers is committed to the growth and development of its employees beyond just the typical required continuing education.  The Firm provides all team members with role specific, leadership development opportunities.

Group Learning – opportunities are offered to employees at all levels within the Firm to ensure continuous learning and growth.   Together we learn to actively grow each other as we all seek to find and cultivate the leaders within us.

Individual Coaching – 1:1 coaching can be used grow already existing strengths, or address areas of needed growth to promote skill development that leads to greater opportunities for success.

Monthly Mentoring – designed to address areas of strength, areas of needed growth, as well as hearing about any obstacles that a team member may be facing that we can tackle together.

Gleaning from Start With Why and Crucial Conversations, we value not only giving RECONGITION to our team members, but also the FEEDBACK needed to address challenges so that real growth can happen.  We focus on creating CIRCLES OF SAFETY where diversity of people, backgrounds, ideas and perspectives can thrive.

At WebsterRogers BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS is both an internal and external focus, with each other, our clients and our community.

A Team That Knows Their “Why”

Our greatest asset is our people….we are building the team and the mosaic of people and talent that we need to be successful.

- Amy Urquhart, Managing Partner