Fourth of July Fireworks Guide for South Carolina

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Fourth of July Fireworks Guide for South Carolina

South Carolina Fourth of July fireworks compliance laws

The first recorded Fourth of July fireworks were launched in 1777, one year after the Declaration of Independence was signed.  It started in Pennsylvania and Boston but quickly became a nationwide tradition.  Today, Americans are purchasing more fireworks than ever, with the peak season leading up to Independence Day.  With an increase in sales comes ever-changing government regulation of fireworks, making it imperative that consumers follow state and local guidelines.  WebsterRogers usually offers tax compliance services, but this holiday weekend we want to help keep South Carolinians firework compliant.

According to South Carolina’s code of laws, anyone 16 years or older can buy and sell fireworks. Residents should ensure they only purchase legal fireworks, whether it be the type or the seller. A licensed fireworks retailer must display a 3″ x 5″ permit sticker on their venue and transactions must take place in a structure.  State law prohibits selling fireworks from a canopy, motor vehicle, or tent. Anyone operating outside of these regulations is selling illegally and should be avoided.

The laws on firework products are quite specific.  Pyros made with more than two grains and firecrackers containing over 50 milligrams of pyrotechnics are federally prohibited.  Other banned classifications of fireworks include:

  • Cherry bombs (ground salutes)
  • M-80s, small bottle rockets (below 3” length x ½” diameter)
  • TNT salutes

Acceptable products include:

  • Aerial fireworks (Roman candles)
  • Cakes
  • Mortars
  • Sparklers

Fireworks are not allowed on the beach or other public property unless it is a professional display approved by the Fire Marshal.   It is illegal to ignite within 500 feet of a church, hospital, or school or within 300 feet of any gas station or business where flammable goods are sold.  Firing or tossing fireworks from a vehicle is strictly prohibited, as well as aiming them towards humans, animals or vehicles.

It is important to check with your local city/county ordinances to ensure that you are in full compliance.  Fireworks ordinances differ from Myrtle Beach to Charleston, Sumter, Florence, and so on.  Another consideration when seeking clearance is your Homeowner’s Association- no one wants to pay fines.    Please remember be considerate of your neighbors (small children, pets, etc.) this holiday and most importantly, be careful!  Fireworks are explosives that can result in fire, property damage, serious injury and death.  For a helpful firework safety resource, click the link below:

Fireworks Safety Tips – National Safety Council (


Wishing you a safe and happy Fourth of July from WebsterRogers!