Healthcare Update- Bridging the Broadband Gap in South Carolina

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Healthcare Update- Bridging the Broadband Gap in South Carolina

A lack of broadband internet continues to plague hundreds of thousands of South Carolinians, creating barriers for students trying to learn virtually, employees trying to maintain productivity while working from home, and for people trying to access healthcare remotely. The Federal Communications Commission reports that about 21 million Americans do not have access to high-speed internet right now with about 650,000 in South Carolina.

On Monday August 3rd, Senator Lindsey Graham met with healthcare leaders across the state ahead of introducing a bill this week called the Governor’s Broadband Development Fund, which seeks to bridge the broadband internet gaps across the country.

“Can you imagine living your life today without electricity?” Graham said in remarks after the discussion. “If you don’t have broadband, you are in many ways just as in the dark as if you don’t have any electricity in your house.”

 Summary of Bill:

  • $10 billion to the Broadband Development Fund and would focus on bringing broadband to areas that don’t have it while reducing the cost of the service.
  • South Carolina would receive roughly $170 million from this program.
  • Each state is provided a minimum of $75 million and the rest is distributed on this basis of state population. It will allow Governor Henry McMaster to speed up the development of broadband in areas where there is the greatest need, provide free or reduced cost for broadband service, as well as other community center improvements.
  • Telemedicine has played a large role during the pandemic, and every South Carolina needs broadband internet to have access to it. “This, to me, is an absolute medical essential requirement to have broadband throughout the country to expand on telemedicine. The benefits of this technology are endless and, when it comes to schools and distance learning, you need it there just as much as you do on the health side,” Graham said.

A spokesperson for the South Carolina Telehealth Alliance said the number of telehealth visits has skyrocketed in recent months, with there being over 350,000 telehealth visits during the month of April. The South Carolina Telehealth Alliance said there were about half a million telehealth visits for the entire year of 2019

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