The last several years have not been overly kind to the construction industry. At WebsterRogers, we understand the challenges you face; increased competition, changing tax requirements, increased government regulation and fluctuating material costs to name a few.

Construction companies need specialized expertise to help them stay on top of the latest developments in this dynamic industry. The experienced professionals of WebsterRogers provide tax, audit and accounting services designed to meet the unique needs of the construction industry. We understand the challenges you face every day and your need for accurate, up-to-date financial information. Whether you are a residential homebuilder or a large commercial contractor, WebsterRogers can help turn those challenges into opportunities.

WebsterRogers has a solid history of building value for builders and contractors by providing specialized services unique to the construction industry. Our clients turn to us for new ideas and sound financial advice. At WebsterRogers, we have the experience and depth of knowledge to meet our clients’ needs.

Tax and Accounting


The landscape of the real estate development industry has dramatically changed over the past decade.  This change has created many unique opportunities for individuals and businesses involved in real estate, but it has also brought many new challenges.

Because of these challenges and opportunities it is critical to have an accounting and consulting firm that understands the industry, works with you to take advantage of all of the potential opportunities and helps you develop a plan to overcome the many challenges.  The experienced professionals of WebsterRogers are dedicated to working with you to minimize risk, maximize profits and provide a broad range of services that are critical to your success.

WebsterRogers has a long history of serving the real estate development industry. We work with a wide-variety of clients, from real estate developers and investors to property managers.   In addition to traditional tax and audit services, we provide a wide variety of services specific to the industry.

Our real estate clients turn to us for proactive advice to help solve their problems.  At WebsterRogers we are proud of our experience and the depth of services we provide to the real estate industry.

Tax Compliance and Consulting

  • Individual and corporate tax planning
  • State and local tax compliance and consulting
  • Federal tax compliance and consulting
  • Corporate and shareholder tax return preparation
  • Federal, state and local tax incentives
  • Property tax consulting
  • Cost segregation studies

Specialized Services for the Real Estate Industry